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Team Leader: Gary Starr
Team Website:
Powertrain: Battery Electric
Fuel Type: N/A
Design: New
Class: Alternative (Side by Side)
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Team Bio

The sleekly styled ZAP Alias is a 100% plug-in electric car designed in a three-wheeled configuration, two wheels in front, one in the rear. It will be homologated as an enclosed motorcycle to meet and/or exceed US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The 2-passenger car employs unique automotive design and manufacturing techniques in order to achieve business goals of practicality and affordability. This will be achieved in four ways: (1) a three-wheeled design, (2) AC motor/ controller, (3) lithium-ion batteries, and (4) composite construction.The Alias features power windows, steering and door locks along with an internal GPS system, solar glass and euro-racing leather seating. The target price for the Alias will be under $35,000.

ZAP has sold a three-wheeled city-car and truck called the Xebra since 2006 and has one of the only electric vehicle distribution and service dealer networks in existence. Currently, ZAP has over 60 dealers throughout the USA as well as a growing number of international distribution points, including South America and The Middle East. ZAP has taken many vehicles from concept to production since its inception in 1994. The company has designed and prototyped dozens of vehicles and taken several of these to full production and distribution, with over 117,000 vehicles delivered to over 75 countries. ZAP is tapping into the government and corporate fleet market with customers like the US Military, FAA and UPS. ZAP recently won a competitive bid contract to engineer a prototype electric conversion of a gasoline mail truck for the United State Postal Service.

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Gary Starr

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA, U.S.A.
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?
ZAP has been pioneer in electric vehicles since 1994 and was planning the Alias in 2007 when it decided the PIAXP competition would be an innovative way to launch the vehicle.

Jonway Group Funds $18.2 Million to ZAP Jonway to Bring 2012 New Products to Production: ALIAS and JNZ Shuttle – Gas and Electric

December 19, 2011

ZAP Jonway (OTCBB:ZAAP.OB - News), a designer and manufacturer of new energy and electric vehicles (EVs), entered a funding agreement with Jonway Group CO. Ltd., to pay for a total of $18.2 million for the already completed interior and exterior design and molding of the JNZ SHUTTLE Van; the completed engineering design, type approval certification and catalogue license of the gasoline transmission of the JNZ SHUTTLE Van; and the ALIAS interior and exterior design and molding, which is underway.... more »

ZAP Jonway Plans Limited Edition of ALIAS for Production Fourth Quarter 2012

December 16, 2011

This 3-wheel version of the Alias is designed to be highway safety compliant and yet be able to expedite the long type approval testing process for entering into the U.S. market. Designed with decades of electric and automotive experience, the ALIAS serves a growing niche of automotive enthusiasts who want an affordable electric vehicle with the performance, looks and handling of an impressive sports car.... more »

Sci-Fi Film “Looper” Set Photos Reveal Futuristic Solar Electric Cars, ALIAS

December 9, 2011

Several cars were requested for the shoot, including ALIAS. Seeing as we have seen every Sci-Fi film starring Bruce Willis, we will be tuning in when the film debuts in late 2012.... more »

ZAP Jonway Announces First Product Roadmap Leveraging Subsidiaries’ Strengths

November 15, 2011

ZAP Jonway (OTC BB: ZAAP), a designer and manufacturer of gasoline and new energy electric vehicles (EVs), after extensive strategic planning and integration development, announced its joint product roadmap for 2012. The roadmap is focused on delivering affordable and technologically competitive new gasoline and EV models that address the growing market demand, including the ALIAS electric car.... more »

Update on Alias production from ZAP Jonway Consolidated Quarterly Report

May 24, 2011

In addition, ZAP Jonway plans to deliver early pre-production models of the A380EV to the Shanghai Yangpu government for its Green City Project in the second quarter of 2011. The full production of the A380EV is expected in the latter part of the fourth quarter of 2011. ZAP Jonway anticipates that the Alias model will follow in early 2012.... more »

ZAP Completes 51% Acquisition of Jonway Automobile of China, Cathaya Capital Funds a Total of US$36 Million

January 26, 2011

ZAP Jonway is currently adding to its manufacturing production lines to deliver the A380 EV SUV by the anticipated date of June 2011 and ZAP’s ALIAS EV roadster by September 2011.... more »