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TW4XP (33)
Team Leader: Martin Möscheid
Team Website:
Powertrain: Battery Electric
Fuel Type: N/A
Design: New
Class: Alternative (Side by Side)
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Team Bio

Imagine driving through the countryside, the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, producing no air pollution and using no fossil fuels while having fun and the benefit of healthy, individual mobility.

The Project TW4XP is a hybrid of electricity and human power.

The ability to accelerate fast, quietly and cleanly comes from the efficient electric engine in combination with the use of regenerative energy.

The additional possibility to move and train your body with a pedaling mechanism while traveling expands the range but mostly makes fun and sense.

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Martin Möscheid

Hometown: Rosenthal, Germany
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?
Electric mobility has been in the blood of many of our team members for a long time. Martin Moescheid, his brother Wolfgang, and Bernd Werner have been driving TWIKEs since 1996 privately and for business. The TWIKE is a light electric mobile which has been built in limited-lot production since 1996. In collaboration with Scientists and students of the University of Kassel, Germany the core team had been working on an electric vehicle for mass production for quite some time. When they became aware of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize they instantly signed up, seeing this as the ideal framework for the development of the new vehicle and as a fantastic challenge and chance.

Challenge Bibendum

July 29, 2011

Greetings! Dear friends of electrifying mobility, driving Project TW4XP is always an extraordinary fun. An assembly-line production vehicle will need time, but we can share the driving experience with you by now. Here is a montage of driving sequences highlighting real-world reactions of passengers in the TW4XP, made during the “Michelin Challenge Bibendum” in Berlin, [...]... more »

Project TW4XP back in Germany

October 5, 2010

Greetings! X-Prize Awards Ceremony in Washington DC The TW4XP and its Team arrived in Washington on September 15th for the Progressive Automotive X Prize Awards Ceremony and surrounding activities. A reception Wednesday evening felt like a reunion of old friends. Thursday morning, Teams, Vehicles, photographers and press assembled at the National Historical Society lawn to [...]... more »

Project TW4XP in Chicago

September 8, 2010

Dear Friends of Project TW4XP, we want to share some awesome pictures of Project TW4XP out on the town in Chicago. Validation Stage and Chicago After successfully passing the Validation Stage at Argonne National Laboratory, we took some time to enjoy the beautiful City of Chicago, enjoying the friendly feedback from the citizens of the Windy City. [...]... more »

In the Lab

August 10, 2010

Project TW4XP in the Lab The “Coast Down” testing at Chrysler’s proving grounds is completed, teams advance to Validation Stage at Argonne National Lab in the near of Chicago. Martin and Bernd escort Project TW4XP. In this final technical event, the top finalists will undergo dynamometer testing under controlled laboratory conditions to verify technical performance [...]... more »

Project TW4XP: About the results and friendships

July 31, 2010

Greetings! Race Results Although the final event, the “Combined Performance and Efficiency” race (winner-take-all) happened a few days ago, we still feel like we’re racing.  Official results have yet to be released, so nobody can say for sure what penalties are for each team.  And the unpenalized finish times were THAT close!  Although there is [...]... more »

July 24, 2010

About the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize and Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV. Über den Progressive Insurace Automotive X Prize und Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV.... more »