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Failure to meet minimum fuel economy requirement
Spira4u (4)
Team Leader: Lon Ballard
Team Website:
Powertrain: Combustion Engine
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Design: New
Class: Alternative (Tandem)
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Team Bio

Lon Ballard has invented a way to bring safety to both pedestrians and passengers with a revolutionary foam, super light vehicle. SOFT, SAFE, SEXY is our motto. Over 6 inches of SOFT foam on all sides provides an estimated 1 billion tiny foam air bags for enhanced SAFEty. Its 30 pound, foam composite top is easily removed to have a SEXY convertible. AND it is unsinkable…. It floated stable like a boat when it went into the ocean March 16, 2009. Spira’s patent pending technology can revolutionize the way vehicles are designed and produced. Spira uses reinforcing fibers and aluminum to provide a strong a protective cage covered with soft foam on both the outside and inside. Foam can replace steel in cars for a more cushioned impact just as foam has replaced leather soles on most shoes and sandals. Foam protection on the outside of autos is needed because over half of vehicle deaths in large cities and developing countries are pedestrians and motorcyclists.

The first Spira model is a low cost, simple 3 wheel configuration that achieves 100+mpg with an 110cc power plant. Spira is designed to use interchangeable off the shelf reliable motorcycle power plants and parts in initial production. This sleek utilitarian vehicle is a great choice for any commuter along with being a safe replacement for a motorcycle with all weather protection. Its patent pending technology can make any vehicle safer, more efficient and have less environmental impact. It is hard to believe this 10 feet long x 5 feet wide x 52 inches tall auto with two seats weighs only 302 pounds.

Spira has incorporated a 250 cc engine into the PIAXP race model. The race upgrades will be developed into our sport production model.

Spira is seeking global/ local suppliers, dealers and manufacturers to share in our dream of producing efficient, light, safe, vehicles. Spira is starting limited production at the Detroit of the East in Thailand. Our business plan is to franchise production world wide to get high local content and to speed market access.

We hope the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will educate consumers, students, and producers of the new technologies to save fuel and lives along with minimizing environmental impact. We believe the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE will feature new technologies that can eventually power Spira’s revolutionary chassis. Competition will bring out the best that teams have designed and developed for the race. Spira is grateful for the chance to prove our technology is competitive and viable.

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Lon Ballard

Hometown: Carrollton, IL, U.S.A. and Banglamung, Thailand
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?
Over 50% of vehicle deaths worldwide are people not inside the auto. Spira wants to promote saving lives and fuel with a reinforced foam chassis which is SOFT SAFE SEXY.