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Failure to meet minimum 67 MPGe requirement for on-road fuel efficiency.
Hybrid Steam Vehicle (88)
Team Leader: Jack Chen
Team Website:
Powertrain: Hybrid
Fuel Type: N/A
Design: Conversion
Class: Mainstream
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Team Bio

Enginer is a collaborative team incorporated by AutomationTech Inc, USA and Worldlink-China Co. Ltd., China (Australian owned), with a total of 15 members. The knowlege and experience of AutomationTech Inc, Enginer’s U.S. based team, provides a solid foundation for Enginer's technology development and product promotion successes. The Australian-led and China based Worldlink-China Co. Ltd. is extensively experienced and highly competent in engineering sourcing, assembly, product development, QC / QA and shipping and has established a stable suppliers network in China.

Jack Chen

Hometown: Troy, MI
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?
When gasoline price went up to $5 per gallon two years ago, Jack, a long time automotive engineer, thought there must be a better and easier way. He started working on plug-in hybrid conversion kit for hybrid vehicles. Other fuel efficiency improvement ideas and solutions are coming along the way. We are focusing on after market solutions that provide most cost effective way to make an impact quickly.

Requesting Support: Equal Tax Credit for PHEVs

August 28, 2012

2012 Toyota Prius PHEV-11 – $32,000 to start, 11-miles all-electric range on the plug and a 50- mpgUS combined figure on gasoline. A limited $2,500 tax credit is available because the pack is too small? We believe a new EV/Plug-in vehicle sales is big step forward to resolve national security and global warming issues. However, we still have 99.96% vehicles continue to run on fossil fuel. To replacing those vehicles with new ones may take two decades even we are selling 100% EV/Plug-in vehicles every day and time is not on ... more »

1000th Enginer Aftermarket Plug-In Conversion Add-On Kits

July 29, 2012

The Latest PHEV Technology With fuel costs soaring and the global environment swiftly deteriorating in a literal mist of pollutant gas emissions, car manufacturers are exerting more and more focus on implementing innovative means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving efficiency of their products. PHEV denotes ‘Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’, and describes vehicles which contain a hybrid engine that can be run by either an electric motor or internal combustion engine. With use of electricity to run PHEVs f... more »

Enginer Shipped 500 Units of Affordable Hybrid Plug-In Conversion Add-On Kits for Hybrids

February 6, 2011

Troy, MI – While the big auto companies were still trying to bring to market the high fuel efficient vehicles that the public is clamoring for, a small Troy company, have already achieved 70 mpg in 2009 and have 500 units on the road in early 2011. The highly touted GM Volt, which costs over $40,000 and reportedly goes 40 miles before needing to have its batteries recharged and achieves only 35 mpg on highway. Enginer has created the best of both worlds by using a hybrid, such as Toyota Prius, with fuel economy of 50 mpg on highway and... more »

Electric Auto Association Special: 4KWH Plug-in Add-on Lithium kit

December 8, 2010

Electric Auto Association Special: 4KWH Plug-in Add-on Lithium kit for any hybrid vehicles. Special Pricing ($2295) Available to EAA members at Original list price is $3495 but member special price $2295 plus S/H ($200) FOB Anaheim, CA. For full specifications, please visit Support our non-profit organization EAA for their effort to promote zero emission vehicles. Part of the proceeds will go to EAA fund. Permalink | Leave a comment  » ... more »

Available Now?

August 25, 2010

We have seen a lot of great designs from other teams. They may lead us well into the future. Congratulations to their great work and acomplishment. But you may not see those on the road for years to come or never. One of the criteria for the competition is 10,000 unit annual mass production ready. Would that be realized? Although we don't have the highest MPGe vehicle and didn't get the most practical votes, but it is real and there are over 300 vehicles with our plugin conversion kit on the road. You don't need to wait until 2012 for Toyo... more »

Say Goodbye to MIS

June 26, 2010

Sunday will be our last day at MIS. We got an official result. Our vehicle didn't achieve minimum fuel economy to continue in the competition. The very rigorous drive cycles (6 stops, 0 to 50 MPH every 2 miles) took us by surprise. It is quite different from the EPA UDDC cycle with which we have tested and got great result. Our vehicle has not been tuned to such aggressive drive cycle. We wish we could have chance to practice ahead of time. Nevertherless, it has been a great adventure for all of us. We met a lot of talented people from othe... more »