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Aptera 2e (32)
Team Leader: Marques McCammon
Team Website:
Powertrain: Battery Electric
Fuel Type: N/A
Design: New
Class: Alternative (Side by Side)
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Team Bio

Today, Aptera is within 12 months of putting its first production vehicle on the road, the all electric 2e. This is largely thanks to the vision of its founders, the hard work of the team and investments from such notable organizations as IdeaLab and Google. The 2e, named for its two passenger configuration and electric powertain, is designed to provide safe, reliable transportation for the average consumer.

With the 2e, the driver will experience a comfortable and reliable ride while achieving more than 100 miles on a single full charge, equating to an equivalent of well over 200 miles per gallon. This previously unheard of level of efficiency is delivered by the Aptera 2e's aerodynamically designed, lightweight composite body that is so strong it can withstand a blow form a 5lb sledge hammer without so much as a dent. The body's strength is augmented by a collection of traditional safety features like 3 point pre-tensioning seat belts, dual front and side airbags, front and rear crumple zones and side impact door beams.

As a company, Aptera draws its strength from its team. Carefully selected from across a number of production environments, the Aptera team is composed of a collection of highly respected automotive experts and accomplished executives from Southern California's high technology industries. Led by company CEO and 28 year automotive industry veteran, Paul Wilbur, Aptera has transitioned into a capable transportation company. Wilbur, who was selected by the founders and advisors of the company, drives the company's two production facilities in north county San Diego, California. In these new facilities Aptera has both the technology and the know-how to deliver on the promise of the world's most energy efficient production vehicle.

The Aptera 2e was designed for efficiency. This all-electric vehicle can achieve over 100 miles on a single charge. Plug into any standard 110 Volt household outlet for 8 -10 hours and you are ready for your next 100 miles. The shape was inspired by nature so that the vehicle seamlessly slips through the air as opposed to pushing air like most traditional vehicles. This when combined with the lightweight, high-strength composite body, and an estimated annual charging cost of less than $400 makes the Aptera 2e quite possibly the most energy efficient production vehicle in the world.

In an effort to introduce our radical approach to transportation to the world, the Aptera Team has elected to join the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition. It is our hopes that through our involvement with the competition, we will not only join the ranks of some phenomenal innovators in the transportation sector, but we will also give the world the opportunity to see the merits of our product to everyday life in an environment that is as creative as it is credible. It is difficult for people to comprehend that fuel efficiencies in the hundreds of miles per gallon (equivalent) are possible. Aptera, through the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, will show that it is not only real, but it is also attainable.

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Marques McCammon

Hometown: New York City/Hampton, VA
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?
The Aptera team was first entered into the X PRIZE competition by our founder, Steve Fambro. Since that time, our team has continued on with the competition, seeing it as the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate the values of energy efficiency through our aerodynamic and lightweight vehicle architecture.