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Exceeded maximum threshold of 200g/mile CO2; unable to complete required laps for Range Event
amp'd Sky (13)
Team Leader: Steve Burns
Powertrain: Battery Electric
Fuel Type: N/A
Design: Conversion
Class: Alternative (Side by Side)
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Team Bio

Founded in 2007, amp has designed and built a plug and play replacement for the ICE powertrain for the GM Saturn Sky. amp has initial customer orders for converted Sky's and will begin production in mid '09. Because the Saturn Sky is a roadster, we will be entering in the Alternative Class.

Our prototype converted SKY is running, is street legal and has proven our core parameters. The drivetrain is totally electric with a range of 150 miles on a charge with spirited acceleration. The vehicle is a zero emission vehicle that gets an estimated 115 MPGe.

The converted Sky has a top speed of 90mph and will accelerate from zero to sixty mph in under 6 seconds. The vehicle conversion is minimally intrusive to the original structural and balance integrity resulting in a safe, modern car.

Our first production run will be sold to customers only in the greater Cincinnati area. This will enable us to service the vehicles and give our engineers first hand experience with any teething problems that occur with the initial production run. We have already pre-sold 75 vehicles for this purpose. After Cincinnati, we will begin rolling out to other cities, ideally with a service partner.

Upon successful production of the AMP'd SKY's we will begin building additional configurations of the powertrain for other commercially available vehicle conversions -- first, a small sedan and then a small crossover or SUV.

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Steve Burns

Hometown: Unknown
Role on team: Team Leader
How did you become involved in the team?

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