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Revolution Through Competition


  • Because today's oil consumption is unsustainable, endangering our health and the economic, political and social stability of the world (40% of world oil output fuels the automotive industry).
  • Because automotive emissions significantly contribute to global warming and climate change (U.S. cars and light trucks are responsible for 45% of the CO2 emitted by automobiles globally).
  • Because there are few mainstream consumer choices for clean, super-efficient vehicles that meet market needs for price, size, capability, image, safety and performance.
  • Because increases in engine efficiency have been "spent" on increased vehicle power, acceleration, and weight, rather than on increased fuel-economy.
  • Because efforts by both the automotive industry and governments to increase fuel economy have not achieved the significant course change necessary to make a substantial difference.
  • Because we believe there is great opportunity for technological change.

The current system does build advanced concept cars. Some existing competitions showcase extraordinary feats of fuel economy. Unfortunately, neither result in practical solutions accessible to consumers. The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition will focus on tangible results - the creation of practical, clean and super-efficient vehicles that people want to buy.

Download White Paper:

Why the Automotive Industry is Ripe for a Prize [ PDF]

Download Polling Results:

Americans See 100 MPG Cars as Biggest Fix for Global Warming, Have High Interest in Purchasing, but also Sensitivity about Costs [ PDF]

Public Sees Big Gains from High Mileage Cars, but Does Not Expect Them on the Market [ PDF]

Peter Diamandis

Why the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE?