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September 17, 2010
For the Auto X Prize, a Race to the Finish

"THE $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, the competition to create fuel-efficient vehicles that ended last week with three winners, would have appeared to favor all the technology and finesse that goes with electric vehicles."

September 16, 2010
Super-cars split $10 million in X Prize race

"Edison2, Li-ion and X-Tracer are big winners in fuel-efficiency contest, thanks to lightweight materials and aerodynamic design a four-seat car that gets 102 miles per gallon is the top winner in a $10 million contest designed to encourage the development of ultra-efficient automobiles."

September 16, 2010
X Prize split three ways for 100-plus mpg autos

"Three teams split $10 million in prize money winning the Progressive Automotive X Prize for building test vehicles that can get more than 100 miles per gallon.

At a ceremony in Washington attended by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other government officials, Edison2 of Lynchburg, Va., won $5 million for building a "mainstream" vehicle that got 102.5 miles per gallon, while two other teams split the other $5 million for building smaller."

September 16, 2010
X Prize Marks Fuel-Efficiency Spot For Future Cars

"Oliver Kuttner and his team of designers have seen the future of fuel-efficient cars topping the dreamed-of mark of 100 miles per gallon. This week, the Edison2 team is being rewarded for its vision with half of the $10 million X Prize."

September 16, 2010
X Prize Winners Look Weird … With Good Reason

"Let’s start with the obvious. The three winning Progressive Automotive X Prize vehicles announced today certainly look a tad strange.

One is a banana-yellow enclosed motorcycle from Switzerland. Another is a neon-green coupe that resembles a well-rubbed bar of Irish Spring. And the big $5 million winner, the inspired creation of a startup company from Lynchburg, Virginia. called Edison2, looks like a bird skull dipped in liquid chrome, a piece of high-flown origami or a particularly angular foil-wrapped chipotle burrito — take your pick."

September 16, 2010
X-Prize Winning Car: Like the General Lee but Less Hazardous to Planet With 100-plus MPG

"Team Edison2's creation, the Very Light Car is specially constructed and to save weight it has no doors (with heavy hinges and locking mechanisms) so you have to scoot through the windows like Bo and Luke Duke had to. But that's where the similarity to the gas-guzzling General Lee ends: The highly aerodynamic vehicle has wind-shrouds over its tires and weighs a mere 840 pounds on the road, both of which help it with its phenomenal fuel efficiency (for comparison the top-selling, well-known and supposedly eco-friendly 2010 Toyota Prius manages just 50 MPG--half the VLC's ability)."

September 16, 2010
Super-Light, 100 MPG Car Takes $5M X Prize

"Here’s a surprise: The biggest winner in the $10-million Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition, which is designed to inspire a new generation of low-polluting cars, is not an electric car, but a car that weighs less than 1,000 pounds and is powered by an internal combustion engine."

September 16, 2010
Va. team wins 100 mpg car competition

"At a ceremony outside the Historical Society of Washington, and addressed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), Kuttner's team, Edison2, was awarded the largest chunk of the $10 million purse offered by the X Prize Foundation, which created the competition. Edison2 won with its race car-inspired Very Light Car, which achieved 102.5 miles per gallon using lightweight materials, aerodynamic design and a combustion engine. It beat out vehicles that relied on batteries, which are heavier -- and thus create more drag -- more expensive, and dependent on electricity generated by greenhouse gas-emitting power plants."

September 17, 2010
Racing to 100 Miles a Gallon - and Beyond

"The winning vehicles in the Progressive Insurance Automative X-Prize may look like an odd lot. But they managed to pull off a feat that has eluded Detroit's Big Three - as well as the rest of the big commercial car making world: Develop a vehicle which can travel 100 miles on the equivalent of a gallon of gas."

September 10, 2010
Behind the Scenes of the Auto X Prize
Radical Vehicles- Inside the Race to Build the 100-MPG Car
"Glamour was in short supply, but the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Shakedown sessions were a car-geek nirvana. And the teams gathered at the Michigan International Speedway early this past summer were there to make history. "

July 24, 2010
Xprize teams hit MIS for final tune-ups
"The official winners of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize are scheduled to be announced Sept. 16 in Washington, D.C. The X Prize competition will reward vehicles -- whether powered by electricity, ethanol, diesel or gasoline -- that meet a variety of rules and promise to hit the market in four years."

July 13, 2010
X Prize deadline looms for makers of lightweight, high-efficiency Very Light Car
"The vehicle is called the Very Light Car, and two of them are the finalists in a category of the Progressive Automotive X Prize, an international competition to build the first car that can go 100 miles on a gallon of gas and at least 200 miles without refueling. "

June 24, 2010
Energy-efficient car competition races into Michigan International Speedway
"When $10 million is at stake, upstart carmakers look for any edge. Santa Rosa, Calif.-based ZAP hired two-time Indianapolis 500 champion Al Unser Jr. to drive its three-wheeled Alias in Automotive X Prize qualifying rounds this week at Michigan International Speedway."

May 17, 2010
Automotive X Prize For 100 MPG Car Narrows Field
"The Automotive X Prize competition has dragged on for several years now, and we're pleased to report that a "shakedown" elimination round of sorts has narrowed the field for a development of the hyper-efficient car of the future to 22 teams with 27 vehicles. They started out with 28 teams with 36 vehicles. Of those, 24 participated in the shakedown."

May 14, 2010
Automotive X Prize: Final Shakedown Results
"With the Shakedown phase of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition completed, 24 teams showed off their cars and their capabilities. Of those 24 teams, 22 are expected to return for the Knockout phase of the competition."

May 13, 2010
The Next Step For Supercars
"More than two dozen next-generation automobiles have survived the first round of on-track testing for the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize. Twenty-seven of the 36 vehicles that were invited to the "Shakedown" trials are still in the running after a series of evaluations at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.;

May 8, 2010
Auto X Prize Shakedown: Who Is Ready to Race?
"During the Automotive X Prize's second "Shakedown" week at Michigan International Speedway (MIS), the gathered teams all seemed to be hitting the point of exhaustion at the same time. By mid-afternoon on Thursday, every eye looked like it was rubbed red, the normal garage chatter had spun down into prolonged yawns, and purposeful strides had given way to head-down shuffles. "

May 1, 2010
Video Highlights from Automotive X Prize Shakedown with Eric Cahill
"As the race to develop a 100-mpg car progresses, our own autos team is on hand to document the happenings and to measure the performance of the contestants’ cars. While we’re at it, we had a chance to talk to the teams and the organizers to see how they plan to break the 100-mpg barrier."

April 30, 2010
100 MPG X Prize Race Begins Final Lap
"The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize aims to help create and bring to market a new generation of viable vehicles that can deliver the equivalent of at least 100 mpg. Teams from 14 states and nine countries remain in the running. The finalists have been winnowed from 130 entries."

April 29, 2010
Auto X Prize Shakedown: Who Is Ready to Race?
"For the teams competing in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize "Shakedown" event, this past Wednesday at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) was all about tech inspection. It was the day when the $10 million contest's judges would go through the assembled vehicles discovering if all the component parts were doing their jobs well enough; if anything was in danger of falling off and if there was any risk of their structures disintegrating. A few on-track tests evaluated braking, emergency handling and emissions output. It was the day the organizers would decide whether what had been built was safe enough to go forward in the months'-long competition."

April 26, 2010
Supercars Are On Track
"After months of technologizing and tinkering, dozens of next-generation automobiles are converging on a Michigan speedway for the first round of on-track tests leading to $10 million in prizes. For some teams, this may be the end of the road."

January 13, 2010
Auto X PRIZE Cruises Into Michigan for 2010 Competition
"With the Detroit auto show suffering from a drought of groundbreaking model launches by the city's incumbent carmakers, the focus has shifted towards an alternative motoring future based on innovation and inventions. This year, Michigan State will host a series of competitions that offer a $10m (£6m) prize to the inventors of the world's most fuel-efficient cars."

January 13, 2010
Auto X PRIZE Cruises Into Michigan for 2010 Competition
"We’ve long been fans of the Auto X PRIZE, the automobile competition sponsored by Progressive Insurance. The set of contests is meant to “inspire a new generation of super-efficient vehicles that help break America’s addiction to oil and stem the effects of climate change,” with a $10 million dollar purse up for grabs. Now comes word from the foundation that it will partner with the state of Michigan’s economic development corporation to host multi-stage on-track challenges for 2010."

January 11, 2010
Michigan hosts race to make 100 mpg car
"Contest organizers and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. will announce Tuesday in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show that the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition -- 41 international teams trying to build a vehicle that gets 100 miles per gallon -- will be held at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, starting April 26. The finals are set for late July."

November 6, 2009
12 X-Prize Contenders Show Off Their MPG Tech At SEMA 2009
"The Progressive Automotive X-Prize, closing in on its May 2010 competition start date, held a technical summit of the participating 43 teams at the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Twelve of those teams brought along vehicles to display at the show, each one in varying degrees of completeness."

November 3, 2009
Feds Give Automotive X-Prize A Big Check
"Money just keeps flowing into the automotive sector from the Department of Energy, which is giving the Progressive Automotive X Prize as much as $5.5 million to “inspire a new generation of energy-efficient vehicles.” Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the money will provide the Automotive X Prize, a $10 million competition to build cars capable of 100 mpg or the equivalent, with technical assistance and help expand national education and outreach efforts."

November 2, 2009
Automotive X Prize Scores $5.5M DOE Award for Green Car Contest
"The $10 million in winnings for the Automotive X Prize competition can provide a welcome influx of cash for the DIY garage-based team, startup or even a more established automaker that builds the best 100 MPG car with a minimum 200-mile range, based on a number of tests and road trials. Today the competition itself has scored some funding of its own, in the form of an up to $5.5 million award from the Department of Energy."

October 20, 2009
High School Students Build Eco-Friendly Car
"Automotive Academy at West Philadelphia High School and the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE on the Today Show"

October 19, 2009
Beautiful, Safe, Affordable--And It Gets 100 Mpg: X PRIZE Picks Next Round of Automotive Contestants
"From high-schoolers modifying a Ford Focus hybrid to run on biofuel to would-be manufacturers of three-wheeled electric vehicles, the X PRIZE's seven automotive expert judges have winnowed a field of 135 vehicles down to 53, powered by six different fuel sources and coming from 18 states and 10 countries."

October 15, 2009
X Prize Sets First-Round Cuts
"The surviving teams, to be announced Monday in New York, will advance to the next round of the X Prize, the quest to build a 100 mile-a-gallon vehicle that is feasible for mass production."

August 21, 2009
Gallons of Electricity: Calculating Plug-in Mileage
"The X Prize is promoting the cause of MPGe by creating an Excel-based spreadsheet that can calculate MPGe for cars that run on any fuel (including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and methanol), battery vehicles and plug-in hybrids."

June 25, 2009
Racing Goes Green
"As long as we're talking about auto racing's X files, we should touch upon the highest-profile green-racing event on the agenda: the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize. In April, the Auto X Prize's organizers announced that 111 teams were accepted into the competition, and spokeswoman Carrie Fox told me today that 96 of those teams have gone on to the next step of the contest by turning in their business plans."

June 4, 2009
Multiple headlights aim at the prize for 100 mpg cars that can be commercially produced
"The judging begins this month for 136 vehicles competing for the Progressive Automotive X Prize… The first round of judging will narrow down the teams eligible to move into the more rigorous competitive tests scheduled to take place between May and August 2010."

May 22, 2009
A Cleaner, More Efficient and Safer Energy Future
"With this week's White House announcement calling for national fuel efficiency and emissions standards, and the introduction of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454), it is clear that automotive and environmental policy are in the spotlight, and the line between the two is fading."

April 8, 2009
Innovation: 100-mpg car contest under starters orders
"Last night in California a list of 111 teams was announced – one of which may hold the key to motoring's green future... Notable by their absence were the world's largest car manufacturers – bar Indian firm Tata – who don't seem interested in taking part... But you can be sure that the auto giants will be closely watching the progress of entrants through the design judging and performance testing phases planned for this year, as well as the race events scheduled to start in 2010."

April 6, 2009
Teams Race to Build Super-Fuel-Efficient Car
"A field of 111 teams -- ranging India's Tata Motors Ltd., Silicon Valley startup Tesla Motors Inc. and a team backed by musician Neil Young -- will compete for a $10 million prize to build a practical vehicle capable of getting the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon of gas..."

March 26, 2009
Where are they Now? 9 Auto X Prize Team Updates
"With the close of the Progressive Automotive X Prize entry just last month, the racing teams enter the final stretch of the design and preparation phase.... Here’s a look at what the X Prize teams have been doing—and how far they have to go—to prepare for race day."

November 21, 2008
LA Auto Show: For 22 Competitors, the Auto X PRIZE Race Is On
"The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize announced the first 22 competitors granted registered team status. They had cleared the first hurdle in a quest to win the $10 million prize for designing a clean and superefficient car of the future."

November 17, 2008
The Greenest Americans and the $10 Million Greenest Car Competition
"David Steinman and Cristin Lindsay, senior director of the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE at
the X PRIZE Foundation, discuss the $10 million competition"

November 13, 2008
Boyz Under The Hood
"Now the team is racing to prove their cars — and themselves — to the world. They're the dark horse entrants in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize: a worldwide contest to build a car, suitable for mass production, that gets 100 miles per gallon."

October 29, 2008
Long May You Run: Neil Young’s Eco-Lincoln
"Merely trying to produce a 100-miles-per-gallon vehicle is challenging enough, but the Goodwin-Young team intends to win the Automotive X Prize…"

September 27, 2008
GM expects the Volt to be 100-mpg certified
"Organizers of the X Prize have proposed mpge as a new measure of efficiency…"

September 8th, 2008
"Necessity, the saying goes, is the mother of invention. But in a world where necessities are taken care of, competition may be the next best thing."

August 3, 2008
Racing for 100-mpg prize
"Around the world, scores of tinkerers and millionaires are busy in their garages, pushing hard against the laws of physics and the envelope of automotive engineering."

July 23, 2008
Interview: Driving towards the 100-mpg car
"John Shore, the Auto X Prize competition's senior director and previously a US Navy research physicist and software entrepreneur told Max Glaskin about his hopes for the new contest and how the winners will be decided."

June 19, 2008
X marks the spot in oil crisis
"The timing couldn't be better for the recent launch of the Progressive Automotive X Prize, an offer of $10 million to the person or team that invents a safe, affordable car that gets at least 100 mpg..."

June 16, 2008
Neil Young has a bad case of the greens
"Neil Young is a contestant and said "I think that the time when music could change the world is past, it’s up to science, physics and spirituality to save the planet."

June 10, 2008
Entries Arriving for Progressive Automotive X PRIZE
"Will your next car get one hundred miles per gallon? Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. They may not be on the market in time to be your next car…..but perhaps…the one after that."

May 15, 2008
Upending Auto X Prize Field, Big Players at Tata Motors (and Neil Young!) Enter 100-mpg Plans
"After sending the market for a whirl earlier this year with the unveiling of the world’s cheapest ride, Tata Motors has declared its intent to enter the Automotive X Prize’s race for the 100-mpg car of tomorrow..."

May 15, 2008
Tata is first automaker to try for $10 million X Prize
"India's Tata Motors has become the first major automaker to enter the $10 million Automotive X Prize competition."

May 1, 2008
Top 10 Early Contenders for the Automotive X PRIZE
"Now, as gas prices soar and the AXP entry pool officially opens, we take a detailed look at the most promising startups."

April 17, 2008
Run for the green
"Publicity from the New York announcement, including news that insurance company Progressive is funding the purse, likely will push the field to more than 80 teams..."

April 11, 2008
The Hunt for Super-Efficient Cars
"So many people complain about what we’re doing to the environment. Well, here’s at least one chance where people - specifically car manufacturers -- can get paid to do something about it."

April 4, 2008
The Greenest Automakers
"Undoubtedly, all of the major automakers will be paying attention to a new "X-Prize" announced last month that offers a $10 million purse to whomever can design and bring to market a 100 mile-per-gallon vehicle."

March 25, 2008
Fast Talk: Designing a Next Gen Car
"We feel that the technology to achieve these goals exists today, but it needs to be combined in a way that will work for people."

March 24, 2008
$10 million quest for a practical 100-mpg car
"Small innovators rule so far in the entries for the Progressive Automotive X Prize for the most fuel-efficient car."

March 24, 2008
Automotive X Prize finds sponsor - get your applications ready
"The Automotive X Prize is off to the races. This high-minded contest is designed to spur teams to develop a 100-mpg car by offering a $10 million prize. Starting in the next 60 days, X Prize organizers will begin accepting final applications. "

March 21, 2008
Insurer Ponies Up to Sponsor X Prize
"The X Prize Foundation and Progressive Corp. announced that the insurer would put up the $10 million prize for the development of a production viable, 100 mile-per-gallon vehicle."

March 21, 2008
Green cars to compete for 10-million-dollar prize
" Mayor Michael Bloomberg described the initiative as 'an excellent example of how the private sector can spur solutions to our most complex challenges.'"

March 21, 2008
$10 million offered for production-ready 100-m.p.g. vehicles:
"Ten million dollars amounts to loose change for most automakers, but the backers of the Automotive X Prize hope it's enough to kick off a race for better vehicle technology."

March 20, 2008
X Prize dangles $10 mln for fuel-efficient car
"A few early contenders rolled quietly into the New York auto show on Thursday, some on three wheels. Others, like the Hybrid Attack from a high school team out of Pennsylvania, sported a more traditional speedster silhouette."

March 20, 2008
Bloomberg praises auto prize
"Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a new $10 million prize to develop more fuel-efficient cars will help reduce the country's dependence on oil."

March 20,2008
The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE on the Today Show

March 20, 2008
Automotive X-Prize is Official; Progressive to Sponsor
"Strange as it might seem, the Automotive X-Prize—which will award a $10 million prize to the team(s) that develop production-ready cars that get the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon—wasn't official until this afternoon. But today at a press conference at the New York International Auto Show, X-Prize honcho Peter Diamandis fired the starting gun."

March 20, 2008
Automotive X Prize gets started next year
"The first stage of the Automotive X Prize, a $10 million competition to build an ultra-fuel efficient vehicle, will begin in New York next year, officials said Thursday at the New York auto show. The competition offers the prize for the vehicles that meet a benchmark of 100 mpg, while finishing with the fastest times. The challenge is broken into two categories: mainstream and alternative, with the mainstream winner collecting $7.5 million of the bounty."

March 20, 2008
$10 million bounty for super-efficient cars
"The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, modeled after earlier prizes for spaceflight and genetic research, is aimed at promoting the creation of cars that get the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon, while at the same time hitting targets for low greenhouse-gas emissions, safety and affordability."

March 20, 2008
Big Incentive for Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
"The X Prize Foundation, best known for its competitions promoting space flights, is offering $10 million to the teams that can produce the most production-ready vehicles that get 100 miles per gallon or more. The Foundation was to announce the size of the purse and its sponsor, Progressive Casualty Insurance Co., on Thursday at the New York International Auto Show."

March 16, 2008
‘The Amazing Race,’ as Played in the Lab
"...this week, the newest contest — for a drivable, affordable car that gets 100 miles a gallon — will be formally started at the New York International Auto Show. Sponsored by the X Prize Foundation, which is also running the lunar contest, the car contest is really two in one. In 2010, there will be a winner in the “city” category, which permits three-wheelers, and another in a category for four-wheel, four-seat cars."

March 6, 2008
Eyes on the prize: The X Prize aims to do for green cars what it did for space flight
"...all it takes to solve a pressing challenge is to get the word out, attract new minds to a problem — and offer a seriously hefty purse to the first one who comes up with a solution."

March 3, 2008
$10 million up for grabs in international green car competition
"The point isn’t to crown a champion, but to spur innovation and call clean car makers into the spotlight."

January 31, 2008
X Prize program seeks automakers
"The Automotive X Prize group has approached automakers to commit to entering the 10-stage race competition set for early 2010."

January 23, 2008
Mean, green racing machines: £10m prize for the inventor of the world's fastest eco car
"The potential in the...Automotive X Prize is huge. It will have an instant and substantial impact on millions of car-buyers...The last time the automotive industry saw such a radical shake-up was when Henry Ford began mass-producing the Model T..."

January 19, 2008
Green future may be distant US dream
"We're challenging the industry: Can't you deliver something a bit better, a bit sooner?"

January 18, 2008
X Prize Foundation Sponsors Competition to Develop Fuel Efficient Automobile
"If such a vision comes true, the streets of the future may be filled with vehicles that produce little pollution and transport people and cargo safely and inexpensively."

January 16, 2008
Win $10 million by designing a 100 miles per gallon commercial car
"The contest has sparked interest from big automotive companies like Telsa Motors and Aptera Motors, as well as local players like Maine Automotive X."

January 15, 2008
Auto X Prize Targets 100 Miles Per Gallon
"It's not as sexy as flying in space, but a new competition by the X Prize Foundation has the potential to be just as revolutionary: producing mainstream cars that can travel at least 100 miles on a gallon of gas."

January 15, 2008
Teams compete to create efficient vehicles
"One display getting attention at the North American International Auto Show is the showcase for the...Automotive X PRIZE..."

January 13, 2008
The first 100mpg car - now that’s a concept with legs
"The company competing for the main prize must provide an affordable, safe, four-seat family car with the potential to appeal to ordinary buyers and a business plan to produce 10,000 a year."

December 20, 2007
Automotive X Prize Teams Rev Up to Compete
"The aim of the AXP is to prime the market to demand cars that use less oil and produce fewer greenhouse-gas emissions...Who killed the electric car? Who cares. Dangle a $10million carrot and watch as engineers deliver both crackpot schemes and genius innovations, any one of which could upend the existing automotive industry."

Archived Press & Media Mentions


August 3, 2010
Auto X Prize's photo finish and $2.5 million software glitch
"I have to say that the $10 million Progressive Insurance Auto X Prize is a bit of a soap opera. What a movie it would make. The Alternative Class came down to a photo finish for $2.5 million, with front-runner Edison2 and its Very Light Car disqualified at the very last minute because of a software glitch."

July 30, 2010
Automotive X Prize Finalists (PHOTOS): 9 Cars That Could Change The World
"They're aerodynamic, they're snappy, and, best of all, they're efficient. The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize has announced the finalists in its competition to develop a new breed of energy efficient vehicles."

July 28, 2010
Automotive X Prize: Video highlights from the Finals competition
"The Finals phase of the Automotive X Prize competition is coasting down, literally. This third major phase in the $10 million contest to build a market-viable car that could achieve 100 MPGe began with 15 cars from 12 teams. Since the technical inspections began on July 19th, the field has been culled down to seven cars."

July 28, 2010
With Automotive X Prize wrapped up at MIS, teams are urged to develop their programs
"With visions of any portion of the $10 million prize slipping away from all but a few, the Progressive Automotive X Prize competitors turned their attention to the commercial future of their cars during Tuesday’s leadership conference at Michigan International Speedway. "

July 28, 2010
X-Prize rolls down to wire after a long road
"It’s down to the wire for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize, or PIAXP, a competition announced in April 2008 as a way to spur the development of clean, high-mileage vehicles. Funded to the tune of $10 million — which will eventually be divided among three separate categories — the event seems unexpectedly well-timed considering the way the BP Gulf oil spill has raised anew questions about America’s dependence on foreign oil."

July 27, 2010
9 automotive X PRIZE competitors move on to the final round
"The original field of 136 experimental vehicles vying for a $10 million prize in Progressive Insurance's Automotive X PRIZE competition has been whittled down to just nine finalists, competition organizers said Tuesday. "

July 27, 2010
The last super-cars standing
"The $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition finished up its final on-track round, and the results are clear: If anyone is going to win the $5 million contest for four-seat cars, it's going to be the Virginia-based Edison2 team. If anyone is going to win the $2.5 million contest for alternative two-seat tandem vehicles, it's going to be the Swiss X-Tracer team. It's only the last $2.5 million - set aside for two-seat, side-by-side cars - that is up for grabs."

June 28, 2010
Automotive X Prize Competition Heats Up
"The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, which was formally started at the 2008 New York auto show, is finally getting down to business."

June 25, 2010
Who's X'd out for Auto X Prize?
"As many as 10 teams have fallen by the wayside in the $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize contest for ultra-efficient cars — and other teams are working hard to stay in. When this week's second round of on-track testing began at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich., 24 teams were in the running for the prize."

June 14, 2010
Full Speed Ahead to the 100 MPG Car
"Working to push forward the race for higher mileage vehicles, Progressive Auto Insurance started the X Prize competition in late 2006. After wrapping up the second round of the judging phase in April, those cars still in contention for the $10 million prize are ready to take to the road for more detailed testing."

May 6, 2010
Progressive X-Prize Shakedown Stage starts at Michigan International Speedway
"There's camaraderie in building green cars, even with a $10 million prize purse on the line. Surprisingly, that's what I observed at the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition at Michigan International Speedway yesterday."

May 5, 2010
Progressive X-Prize Shakedown Stage starts at Michigan International Speedway
"The race for the Progressive Automotive X-Prize and a share of its $10 million purse began in earnest this week as 28 teams began a series of shakedown tests that will set them up for June's "knockout" competition, the first of three elimination rounds."

April 26, 2010
Progressive X-Prize Shakedown Stage starts at Michigan International Speedway
"The Progressive Automotive X-Prize has been underway for some time now but finally, the hyper-efficient rubber is meeting the race track. The twenty-eight remaining teams spent the weekend making their way to Michigan where they will begin the week-long "Shakedown Stage.""

March 12, 2010
Auto X Prize Field Narrows in $10 Million Race to Build a Green Super Car
"The field is narrowing, and three lucky ducks are going to walk away with their share of $10 million. The money will be awarded in September by the Progressive Automotive X Prize, whose winners will be the best at building production-ready cars and trucks capable of the equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. "

October 19, 2009
The Dashboard of Tomorrow
"A new contest called "Dash+" challenges high school students to put their creativity, design, and math and science skills toward a mission of interest to millions of auto-dependent Americans everywhere: building the car dashboard of the future."

August 18, 2009
Is the mpg claim still relevant?
"The mpg designation is the American standard of measuring gasoline, but for other energy sources, we believe a more neutral measure needs to be considered. The Automotive XPrize will rely on a measurement it calls miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe)."

May 25, 2009
Automotive X Prize Is Full of Surprises
"It’s no surprise the folks behind the Progressive Automotive X Prize are thrilled by President Obama’s tough new fuel economy standards. After all, they’ve got 136 vehicles racing to build the world’s first mass-produced car capable of triple-digit fuel economy."

April 8, 2009
Final Automotive X Prize entries announced
"On the one-year anniversary of the official launch of the Progressive Automotive X Prize, the final entries have been revealed. They represent 111 registered teams from 11 countries who have committed to building a vehicle that gets 100 mpg."

April 7, 2009
Full List of Automotive X PRIZE Teams Released, Includes Aptera, Tesla, Tata
"Tesla, Aptera, and Tata Motors announced their intentions to compete for the Automotive X PRIZE long ago, but now the Foundation that awards the prize has released the full list of 111 registrants for the competition. The teams come from 11 countries and have entered a total of 136 vehicles--80 in the four-seater mainstream class ($7.5 million prize), and 56 in the two-seater alternate class ($2.5 million prize)."

April 7, 2009
Exclusive Look at New Fuel-Efficient Cars, Inside the Progressive Automotive X Prize
"Take a look at the video below for an exclusive collection of the weirdest, wildest automobiles on the planet. The Progressive Automotive X Prize has gotten every arm of auto-mobility -- from big carmakers to eccentric backyard tinkerers -- in hot pursuit of $10 million in prize money."

March 4, 2009
Auto X Prize Deadline has passed; Thoughts on the Purse Split
"The Automotive X Prize's deadline for registration has passed and now we get to wait and see just who's going to be actually participating in the upcoming high-mileage competition. The organizers say that the last few days and hours before the deadline were "an absolute firestorm of phone calls, emails, and overnight packages."

February 20, 2009
Consumer Reports To Test Auto X Prize Cars
"As the 'official active safety testing partner,' Consumer Reports will conduct all of the pre-race safety inspections...That's cool, but not so cool as the announcement that Consumer Reports will begin using the "miles per gallon energy equivalent" standard..."

February 18, 2009
Automotive X PRIZE Deadline Draws Near
"So far, about 40 vehicles have been entered in the competition, and the X Prize Foundation expects to have 50 entrants by the Feb. 28 sign-up deadline."

February 4, 2009
Automotive X PRIZE Draws 25 Teams So Far
"The Progressive Automotive X-Prize has drawn competitors from around the world, and the teams include college kids and India's largest automaker. The cars they're building use every drivetrain technology short of hydrogen fuel cells, and most of them look like something you'd want to drive."

February 3, 2009
Auto X PRIZE, DOE Launch Fuel Our Future Student Website
"Know anyone who's in school? The Progressive Automotive X Prize (AXP) launched a new website today that targets K-12 students in the U.S. with information about the vehicles and fuels of the future. It's called, ta-da, Fuel Our Future Now."

January 22, 2009
The Car of the Future Promised for October
"Aptera Motors has rolled out the first pre-production model of the 2e, an all-electric three-wheeled two-seater that gets the equivalent of 200 mpg and goes 100 miles on a charge. It's a significant milestone for the Southern California startup, which plans to put the first cars in driveways by Halloween and looks like a contender to win the $10 million Progressive Automotive X Prize."

November 24, 2008
‘Stealth’ teams enter the race for a 100-mpg car
"As this XPrizecars blog noticed, although 22 teams are registered, only 20 have been identified. The organizers say only that the others "have been accepted, but remain confidential". The blog suggests the "stealth" teams could be Fisker - known to be working on plug-in hybrids - or even auto giant GM."

November 24, 2008
Suspense Builds in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE ‘Green Prix’
"Twenty-two contenders have been accepted to registered team status since the multimillion dollar competition designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles was announced in March."

October 27, 2008
Home-Built Car Averages 113 Miles a Gallon
"More than two decades later, Mr. Henderson and the Avion have been granted another shot at fame and fortune. On Oct. 11, he drove an updated version of the Avion through Washington state — a total of 263 miles and he said the car averaged 113.1 miles a gallon."

July 7, 2008
At least 14 cities vying for an Auto X Prize stage race in 2009-2010
"The X Prize organizers announced yesterday that "interest is high" in hosting some of the events in between the coasts, and listed 14 cities that have said they'd like to host a stage race…"

May 15, 2008
Tata's 100 Miles Per Gallon Bet
"More than 70 teams from 22 countries around the world have already committed to the contest. But Tata is the first full-line auto company getting into the race."

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March 24, 2008
Progressive Thinking
" markets are encumbered by so many barriers to competitive activity that the beneficial forces of Adam Smith's "invisible hand" can't and don't operate effectively."

March 21, 2008
X Prize comes to earth
"The Automotive X Prize, or rather the "Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE", aims to find a realistic super-efficient vehicle. It aims to find cars which actually just go into production, rather than just prototypes showcasing new technology."

March 20, 2008
Officially, official: The Progressive Auto X Prize has now begun
"NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg said some really nice thing about the prize, and his city will kick off the first stage of the competition in September 2009."

March 20, 2008
First the Insurance, Then the Car
"Enter Progressive Insurance. On Thursday, the insurer said it would become the title sponsor of the automotive iteration, which rewards teams that build and bring to market cars that get 100 MPGe, which stands for miles per gallon energy equivalent."

March 20, 2008
X Prize dangles $10 million for fuel-sipping car
"At the New York International Auto Show, the foundation and sponsor Progressive Casualty Insurance announced the newly named Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize. The competition, open to both established automakers and unknown engineers, is meant to result in "real cars" that are available for purchase, rather than concept cars."

March 20, 2008
New X-Prize for Fuel Efficient Cars Announced
"A new X-Prize for ultra fuel efficient cars has been announced...Those that qualify will race their vehicles in cross-country races in 2009 and 2010 that will combine speed, distance, urban driving and overall performance.'"

March 20, 2008
Tesla, Aptera Among the Dozens Vying for the Automotive X-Prize
The Automotive X Prize has announced who's in the race to build a production-ready car that tops 100 mpg, and Tesla Motors, Aptera and German dieselmeisters Loremo are among the 66 entrants.

March 20, 2008
XPrize: $10 Million For 100-MPG Cars
The XPrize Foundation is doing for cars what it has already done for commercial space flight (and is trying to do for human genomics and lunar exploration) -- it is pushing for groundbreaking technical innovation by offering big prize money.

January 24, 2008
Automotive X Prize entries still up for grabs
"Despite all of the environmentally friendly cars shown at the Detroit auto show this year, no imminent production model could be expected to sustain an average of 100 mpg—just one requirement in the Auto X Prize competition..."

January 14, 2008
Inside Eight 100-MPG Plans to Win the Automotive X Prize: Live at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show
"The race for the Automotive X Prize is wide open. With more than 50 teams saying they'll participate, the field showcases a multitude of concepts for engineering a 100-mpg vehicle."

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