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Revolution Through Competition

Why Progressive?

A Message from Progressive Insurance

This is a story about two organizations that support innovation in a way that can make a real difference in people’s lives. We are thrilled to be a part of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE as the Title Sponsor and believe this effort moves us further, faster toward developing more fuel-efficient car choices for everyone.

Progressive is a 70-year old company with a rich history of making things better in car insurance. To join with the X PRIZE Foundation, another organization that shares our passion for innovation, was an easy choice. We’re providing financial support to a competition that’s all about solutions and that will make a difference in everyone’s lives by producing more high fuel mileage vehicle options for drivers.

“Progressive has taken a leadership role in the automotive industry by sponsoring the Progressive Automotive X PRIZE; instead of simply doing things right, they’re doing the right things.”

- Dean Kamen, Founder, DEKA Research & Development Corporation

"Progressive and the X PRIZE Foundation are to be congratulated for their innovative approach in encouraging a paradigm change in the automotive industry."

- Elon Musk, CEO & CTO, SpaceX and Co-founder, PayPal

"The Ansari Family sponsored the first X PRIZE and helped to create the entire new industry of private spaceflight. In the same spirit of calculated and strategic investment, I hope Progressive's Title Sponsorship of the Automotive X PRIZE will begin to redefine an established industry, for all our benefit."

- Burt Rutan, Founder, Scaled Composites

Progressive Automotive X PRIZE: Catalyst for Change